What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Car Detailing?

Detailing your car is more than just washing it with an old rag and a bucket of soapy water. Your car's finish could be ruined if you do not use the right tools and technique. Fortunately, many of the mistakes that are made with exterior detailing of a car are avoidable. To help keep your car detailing on the right track, here are some of those mistakes you could commit and why you should avoid them. Read More 

4 Tips To Follow When It Comes To Washing Your Car

Your car is a huge investment, which is why it's important to take care of it. Many car owners believe that washing their car is a great way to take care of it, however, this isn't the case if you aren't washing the car in the right way. Here are four tips to follow to ensure that you are washing the car in the right way: Wash Off Specks as Soon as Possible:  Many people wait until their car is really dirty before getting it washed. Read More 

Health And Safety Benefits Of Tinting Your Vehicle’s Windows

Besides giving you privacy by preventing others from looking inside your vehicle, window tinting helps protect your health and safety. You may be doing yourself and your passengers a favor – and not just in comfort – when you consider window tint for the vehicle you drive. There are several benefits that window tinting offers. Reduces your exposure to UV rays. Tint on your vehicle's windows blocks harmful UV rays from direct sunlight that can damage your skin and cause skin cancer. Read More 

Five Good Reasons To Opt For A “Waterless” Car Wash

If you are concerned about water spots marring the shine of your newly-washed car or about limiting your household's water usage, you may have been intrigued by the so-called "waterless" car wash process. This process forgoes the usual rinse, using products that are designed to clean your vehicle without its having to be rinsed off. Though not having a lot of water spots on your car if it's not dried thoroughly is the chief advantage of this type of car wash, it's not the only reason to opt for a waterless wash. Read More