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Health And Safety Benefits Of Tinting Your Vehicle’s Windows

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Besides giving you privacy by preventing others from looking inside your vehicle, window tinting helps protect your health and safety. You may be doing yourself and your passengers a favor – and not just in comfort – when you consider window tint for the vehicle you drive. There are several benefits that window tinting offers. Reduces your exposure to UV rays. Tint on your vehicle’s windows blocks harmful UV rays from direct sunlight that can damage your skin and cause skin cancer. Repeated exposure to the sun over the years can lead to premature aging, which may include developing basal or squamous cell cancers. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight that penetrates beneath the outer skin layers can lower your immunity against infection as well. Shields your eyes from sunlight. Glare from the sun, headlights of oncoming vehicles, or other sources of bright light can temporarily blind you and lead to an accident. In addition to impairing your ability to see, glare in your eyes can cause eyestrain. Driving requires focus, but exposure to bright sunlight and glare, particularly when you travel long distances, can cause eyestrain symptoms. Tired and sore eyes, burning or itching eyes, dry eyes, or blurred or double vision are possible eyestrain symptoms that can inhibit safe driving. Helps protect you and your passengers from injury. Tinting keeps vehicle windows from shattering upon impact if you are involved in an accident. If the glass breaks, the adhesive that keeps the tint film in place helps hold together small pieces of glass from the broken window. Otherwise, shards of flying glass at the time of impact have the potential for causing serious injuries to accident victims. Improves the air quality inside your vehicle. By keeping sunlight out, the interior of your vehicle stays cooler. This is a benefit in more ways than one. Without tinting, sunlight increases the heat and temperature inside your vehicle, which can trigger the release of chemical compounds that may be hazardous to your health. Chemicals used as flame retardants and in plastics often are used in seat cushions, vehicle upholstery, floor coverings, and other plastic components in the interior of your vehicle. When released, these chemicals contaminate dust that accumulates inside your car. Inhaling or ingesting these environmental pollutants may put you and any passengers riding in your vehicle at risk for health problems. However, although studies to date suggest that these chemicals can have adverse effects on the liver, thyroid, and brain development in animals, their effects on human health remain a possibility that hasn’t yet been...

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Five Good Reasons To Opt For A “Waterless” Car Wash

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If you are concerned about water spots marring the shine of your newly-washed car or about limiting your household’s water usage, you may have been intrigued by the so-called “waterless” car wash process. This process forgoes the usual rinse, using products that are designed to clean your vehicle without its having to be rinsed off. Though not having a lot of water spots on your car if it’s not dried thoroughly is the chief advantage of this type of car wash, it’s not the only reason to opt for a waterless wash. Five benefits of a waterless car wash 1. Environmentally-friendly. Traditional car washes use a lot of water. If you’re the type of car owner who gets his or her car washed every week (or more often), all that water can make an impact, particularly in areas and in seasons where fresh water is scarce. 2. No water spots. Of course, most car owners like the fact that a waterless car wash is much less likely to leave water spots on the shiny surface of the newly-washed vehicle. 3. Gets around water restrictions. In some parts of the United States, such as southern California, conserving water isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the law. In such areas, it can be a challenge keeping your car clean when you are only allowed to use so much water each month. Waterless car washes allow you to stay within the boundaries of the water conservation laws, while still keeping your car looking sharp. 4. Removes more than just dirt. Most waterless car wash products are useful at removing not just dirt and grime, but also bugs, road tar, tree sap and other elements that are often difficult to remove with traditional car wash products. 5. Takes less time. Because no rinse process is necessary when using a waterless car wash product, you car will generally be clean and ready to drive away much more quickly than if you opted for a traditional car wash. While waterless car wash products aren’t the right choice for every car owner, this type of car wash is environmentally-friendly, saves time, removes bugs and tar as well as dirt, and helps you keep your car clean even if you live in an area where water usage is restricted. Be sure to ask Deluxe Detail & Window Tint or your local car wash location about a waterless wash the next time you...

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